13th August 2019

World Lung Day 25th September 2019

ILD-IN are proud to support WORLD LUNG DAY on the 25thSeptember 2019.

The burden of lung ill-health remains significant worldwide with substantial disparity reported therein . The ILD-IN is collaborating with charities and professional networks across the international community to highlight the human cost of respiratory disease. Through combined efforts we are united in the fight for improved lung health.


World Lung Day promotes equal access to high quality respiratory care regardless of socio-economic status, level of education and ethnicity. Every year many people miss out on potentially life altering treatments. In the ILD specialism innovative medicines have been licensed for use in recent years, but they are expensive and access is regulated by strict eligibility criteria in some countries. More needs to be done to increase the availability and provision of these life-prolonging treatments.


The ILD-IN will be supporting World Lung Day and we urge everybody with an interest in lung health to spread the word by mouth or on social media about this event.

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