Louise Stanley

  • Louise Stanley

    Committee Member
    ILD Research Physiotherapist
    Southampton Hospital
    Joined 2018

Louise worked clinically as a respiratory physiotherapist for over 6 years after graduating from the University of Southampton with BSc Physiotherapy in 2002. She has since worked as an ILD research physiotherapist in the biomedical research facility at Southampton Hospital facilitating the set up and running of both pharmacological and observational research studies involving patients with ILD, primarily IPF. Her role integrated into the clinical ILD team to ensure seamless transition for patients to be involved in research, through clinics, ILD MDTs and attendance at support group meetings. Louise was also involved in the set up and running of the Wessex Interstitial Lung Disease (WILD) support group and continues to be involved with this. For the last 6 years Louise has frequently lectured on the undergraduate and postgraduate BSc Physiotherapy degree at the University of Southampton, assisting in the delivery and examination of respiratory and end of life care modules. In 2017 Louise completed a Masters in Clinical Research from the University of Southampton, with additional modules undertaken in palliative and end of life care with the focus of all her assignments on IPF. Her research explored patients’ perceptions and outcomes of a modified ILD pulmonary rehabilitation program. Louise has recently started a new role within the British Lung Foundation setting up and running an IPF support service.