Janine Hood

  • Janine Hood

    Committee Member
    Advanced Practitioner in Respiratory medicine
    East Lancashire NHS Trust
    Joined 2018

Janine has been a registered nurse for 28 years and has worked in the field of respiratory medicine for almost 20 years, firstly as a ward manager and then as a respiratory nurse specialist.  Currently she works as an Advanced Practitioner in Respiratory medicine after gaining her MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice in 2015 and is employed by East Lancashire NHS Trust.

Since 2013 Janine has developed several initiatives to achieve improvements in the care of patients diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease. She has been instrumental in the organisation of a dedicated ILD clinic which repatriates local patients from Tertiary Centres to provide care closer to home.  She set up the East Lancashire Pulmonary Fibrosis patient support group in 2015 which she continues to attend on a 3 monthly basis.

Janine also undertakes general respiratory clinics, pleural procedures and teaching as part of her advanced role.