About Us

Introduction To The ILD Interdisciplinary Network

The ILD Interdisciplinary Network (ILD-INN) aims to provide a supportive network for health professionals of all disciplines working in interstitial lung diseases. ILD-INNs purpose is, to provide support, promote ILD specialty practice through education and professional development and to influence the policy of ILD care.

Development of the ILD-INN

The ILD Interdisciplinary Network (ILD-INN) developed over a period of several years as an informal group of ILD specialist nurses to provide peer support, ad hoc ILD educational study days and shadowing opportunities for newly appointed nurses working in ILD care. In 2015 that group re-launched with a committee and formalised the ILD Network first by consolidating the nursing element of the network around the principles of ILD care management, but also opening up the group to all healthcare professionals (HCPs) working in ILD care. INTERSTITIAL LUNG DISEASE – INTERDISCIPLINARY NETWORK LIMITED was limited by guarantee in March 2016.

We would like to thank our founding sponsors: Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis, Boehringer Ingelheim, Codel Software, and Roche Pharmaceuticals.

Future Evolution

The ILD-INN will keep evolving to meet the needs of ILD professionals mirroring changes in clinical practice. We are constantly looking for health professionals who are motivated to contribute to the network either as a member or as part of the executive committee. Join now or contact us for further information on how you can become involved.

Mission Statement

  • Influence

    To influence improvement and developments in ILD care

  • Act

    To act as a professional body that can influence and practice in ILD care throughout the UK

  • Provide Opinion

    To provide expert opinion to raise the standard and provision of ILD care

  • Collaborate

    To encourage collaboration with all multi-disciplinary ILD specialists

  • Promote

    To support and promote equality in service provision for patients with ILD and their carers through the UK

  • Support

    To provide a supportive network for ILD network members to encourage information sharing, best practice and research collaboration

Meet the ILD-INN

Who are the ILD-INN?

The ILD-INN committee encompasses elected ILD-INN members, its purpose to run the network.

All Healthcare Professionals working with patients with Interstitial Lung Disease, the committee strives to be representative of the multi-disciplinary team and currently includes employed ILD Nurse Specialists, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists and Respiratory Physiologists. Committee members are elected and must hold a current membership. Ordinary members sit for a fixed tenure of 2 years which can be extended by a further year to a maximum of 3 years. Elected roles of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are able to extend their tenure to cover their period of office of 2 years in each position.

If you are a member interested in joining the committee please contact [email protected]

  • Anne-Marie Russell

    Imperial Health Charity & NIHR BRC Senior Clinical Research Fellow (post-doc)
    Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust London
    Joined 2015
  • Sandra Olive

    Vice Chair
    Consultant Nurse Respiratory Medicine
    Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Trust
    Joined 2017
  • Helen Morris

    ILD Nurse Specialist
    Manchester University Foundation Trust
    Joined 2017
  • Anna Murphy

    Consultant Respiratory Pharmacist
    University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
    Joined 2016
  • Laura Bygrave

    Committee Member
    Respiratory Physiotherapist
    Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust
    Joined 2017
  • Catherine Dixon

    Committee Member
    Respiratory Physiologist
    North Bristol NHS trust
    Joined 2016
  • Emma Harris

    Committee Member
    ILD Nurse Specialist
    Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
    Joined 2016
  • Julie Hocking

    Committee Member
    ILD Nurse Specialist
    Cardiff & Vale University Health Board
    Joined 2015
  • Karen Newall

    Committee Member
    Community Respiratory Nurse Specialist
    Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust
    Joined 2017
  • Dr Felix Woodhead

    Medical Advisor
    Respiratory Physician
    University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
    Joined 2018
  • Josh Tipple

    Committee Member
    Specialist Respiratory Specialist Physiotherapist
    Integrated Respiratory Service
    Joined 2018
  • Louise Stanley

    Committee Member
    ILD Research Physiotherapist
    Southampton Hospital
    Joined 2018
  • Janine Hood

    Committee Member
    Advanced Practitioner in Respiratory medicine
    East Lancashire NHS Trust
    Joined 2018
  • Geeta Vekaria

    Committee Member
    ILD Nurse Specialist/ Research Nurse
    University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
    Joined January 2019