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Education for Health 2017 Course Dates – Now Open!



Education for Health have a wide range of courses starting in January 2017 from Asthma to Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease to Spirometry so now is the perfect time to book a place and refresh your skills and knowledge in the New Year.


  1. Allergy Professional Development module, Distance Learning
  2. Asthma Level 5 module, Warwick
  3. Asthma Level 6 module, Warwick
  4. Asthma Update workshop, Warwick
  5. Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke Prevention Level 6 module, Warwick
  6. Cardiovascular Disease Level 5 module, Warwick
  7. Cardiovascular Disease Level 6 module, London & Warwick
  8. COPD Level 5 module, Warwick
  9. COPD Level 6 module, Warwick
  10. COPD Update workshop, Warwick
  11. Diabetes Level 5 module, London
  12. Diabetes Level 6 module, Warwick
  13. Essentials of Diabetes for Primary Care workshop, Warwick
  14. Evidence Based Healthcare Level 6 module, Distance Learning
  15. Heart Failure Level 6 module, Warwick
  16. Leadership Level 6 module, Warwick
  17. Performing and Interpreting Quality Assured Spirometry, Warwick & London
  18. Performing Quality Assured Spirometry Level 5 module, Warwick
  19. Principles of Non-Malignant Palliative and End of Life Care Level 7 module, Warwick
  20. Respiratory Diagnostics Level 7 module, Warwick

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