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Exeter Respiratory Genomics workshop

 Genomic technologies are set to revolutionise the health sector on a global scale. Ultimately, this will result in greater patient care through the delivery of personalised medicine.

Our series will provide an in-depth overview of genomic medicine and a greater understanding of disease inheritance patterns, as well as enable participants to focus on specialist areas.

Join us for our Exeter Expert Series on:

Respiratory 12-13 October 2017

Cardiology 2-3 November 2017

Gastroenterology 23-24 November 2017



Encompassing genomic data technology, inheritance patterns, terminology and family history significance, our series will evolve into the chosen specialist areas of Respiratory, Cardiology and Gastroenterology.
 Respiratory: Practical Genomics with a Clinical Perspective 12-13 October 2017

Participants will:

• Gain an overview of cutting-edge approaches in genetic medicine including the classification of rare diseases

• Understand the importance of underlying genetics for patient management

• Recognise appropriate indications for clinical genetic referrals

• Comprehend the importance of and the challenges associated with targeting genetic mechanisms in a clinical setting

Cardiology: Practical Genomics with a Clinical Perspective 2-3 November 2017

Participants will:

• Gain a sound knowledge of the presentation and management of common inherited cardiac conditions and the cardiac involvement of neuromuscular disorders

 • Understand the investigation of SADS including molecular autopsy

• Appreciate the limitations of genetic andgenomic technologies and counsellingconsiderations for inherited cardiovascular disorders

Gastroenterology: Practical Genomics with a Clinical Perspective 23-24 November 2017

Participants will:

• Develop an understanding of complex disease genetics, and in particular, advances in our understanding of the genetic basis for bowel and liver diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease

• Learn about advances in pharmacogenetics and how we can use genetic testing to improve safe and effective treatment of gastrointestinal disorders

• Appreciate how genome and exome sequencing can be used in individual patients for diagnosis of rarer gastrointestinal disorders and to target cancer therapies more



CPD points applied for through the Royal College of Physicians

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