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Thank you Geraldine

In September 2015 we met in Birmingham for the first meeting of what was by the end of the weekend to become the ILD-INN. Little did we know at the time of the journey we were about to start and how far the ILD-INN would have come in just 2 years under the guidance of Geraldine Burge who agreed to sit as the inaugural chair. From the networks initial conception Geraldine has been the driving force behind the networks development. As a committee we have valued her support and eternal optimism in what has been a challenging role. Her drive, vision, dedication, knowledge, diplomacy, endless enthusiasm and gentle encouraging leadership style has let the network to where we are today. We all have a lot to thank her for both personally and professionally. She has delivered two inspirational conferences and along the way has learnt some new skills becoming the queen of twitter, those of you who follow her will be aware of her new found passion for tweeting. While we will miss her involvement in running the network she will continue as a member. On behalf of the membership the committee would like to offer you our sincere thanks Geraldine. Whilst we wish you a well-deserved rest we hope that you will join us at conference in 2018.


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