Anna Murphy

  • Anna Murphy

    Consultant Respiratory Pharmacist
    University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
    Joined 2016

Treasurer: Sept- 17 – current

Anna Murphy is a consultant respiratory pharmacist at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and honorary visiting professor at DeMontfort University.  The clinical aspect of her post offers assessment, medicines optimisation, monitoring and advice to people with respiratory disease, working both in hospital and primary care.

People with ILD, asthma and COPD are referred to Anna for medicine optimisation and support, in particular prescribing and monitoring of high cost and high risk medicines. Working across Leicestershire the post includes interface care and the development of services for respiratory patients.

Anna currently works with several national groups and organisations on issues surrounding prescribing in respiratory disease. Anna has published widely in peer reviewed journals, is author of Asthma-in-Focus and recently produced the “7-Steps to Success” education materials. Research interests include medicine adherence in people with respiratory disease and pharmacy practice research.