Dr Kathleen Lindell

Dr Kathleen Lindell¹s programme of research is directed toward improving the quality of life for patients with advanced lung disease, specifically Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) and their family caregivers. As a pulmonary clinical nurse specialist, her research focus developed from her experience working to improve support available to patients with IPF and their caregivers. Her goal is to assure patients and caregivers are aware of the most recent education available to improve their knowledge, and engaging in advocacy efforts to increase awareness of this disease. Her research has provided seminal findings regarding the need for earlier provision of palliative care and earlier initiation of discussions regarding EOL planning for patients with IPF. Dr Lindell¹s  long-term goal is to become a successful independent academic researcher who designs and tests interventions to improve palliative care preparedness of patients with life-limiting illness and their family caregivers.