Josh Tipple

  • Josh Tipple

    Committee Member
    Specialist Respiratory Specialist Physiotherapist
    Integrated Respiratory Service
    Joined 2018

Josh Tipple is a Specialist Respiratory Specialist Physiotherapist working in City and Hackney, East London for an Integrated Respiratory Service (ACERs). Josh began his career in South Devon Primary Care Trust, before coming to The Homerton University Hospital in City in Hackney in January 2013 where he was a member of the band 5 rotation, before taking up a static band 6 post in ACERs in 2015. Currently, he is studying, part-time, for a Masters in Rehabilitation from St. George’s University of London.

Predominantly, Josh works in people’s homes or in the pulmonary rehabilitation gym, seeing a range of respiratory conditions including COPD and asthma. After having a strong interest in ILD throughout his time in ACERS, he was asked to be the ILD lead in the team, and over the past year have led on projects such as setting up a clinic for patients with ILD as well as integrating them into the Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) service. Being a physiotherapist, Josh has a strong interest in exercise and physical activity and how this can improve health and quality of life, through his enjoyment of outdoor activities (hiking and cycling usually) and teaching patients to have similar enthusiasm about their own physical activities. Since working as a respiratory physiotherapist, Josh has provided training about lung diseases and PR, and more recently on ILD patients within PR. You can contact Josh on should you have any questions, or you could find him on twitter under @jt_resp_physio.