Terry Robinson

Current Position- Terry Robinson has been a registered nurse for many years, originally specialising in Community Nursing and Practice Nursing. Working as a Practice Nurse, Terry did her initial educational training at diploma level in asthma, COPD and spirometry.  Then became a trainer working in North Yorkshire supporting other Practice Nurses and GPs in respiratory disease management in Primary Care. Whilst in this role Terry started a degree in respiratory health.

Terry Robinson was then approached by her local Hospital and asked if she would do a 9-month secondment as a respiratory nurse specialist. Terry’s nine months become a 16 year permanent placement!

As well as her clinical and management activities, Terry also fulfils many other roles. Terry is the immediate Past President of Yorkshire Thoracic Society (YTS) This society is the regional educational and support group for clinicians working in respiratory disease management across the Yorkshire Region, which is vast. These clinicians are mainly Medical consultants and specialist registrars and specialist Respiratory Nurses. Terry has been very privileged to be the first Nurse ever to be appointed into the post, not only to the Region, but potentially nationally. In her year of office the society started to develop pathways of communication using media such as Facebook and Twitter. Terry also developed new funding systems for the Organisation and a new future hierarchy for YTS. The Society also had a joint meeting with the North East Thoracic Society in Terry’s year as president, which was very successful and well attended.

As well as YTS, Terry is also the lead for Yorkshire Specialist Interest Group (YORIG) ( This organisation covers the same geographical area as the YTS but is primarily for nurses working across Primary and Secondary care settings, physiotherapists, dieticians etc. Terry organises meetings covering all aspects of respiratory disease management. The last day in April 2018 covered all aspects of IPF management, including diagnostic dilemma, pharmacological and non-pharmacological management, and supportive care for patients and families including end of life care.

Teaching- Terry  is often approached to run other educational sessions including spirometry, IPF, bronchiectasis, COPD, asthma, inhaler technique and devices. These are done either as a one day study day to lunch-time or evening meetings.

Terry has experience acting as a mentor for other respiratory nurses in the area, supporting them when new in a post or if struggling with their work load or for other reasons. Terry enjoys being able to offer this to others as she appreciates that respiratory disease is complicated and with so many new drugs/devices/techniques to be familiar with it can be very daunting.

Terry was an Educator for Respiratory Education UK prior to their merge with Education for Health.

Terry is currently one of the teaching faculty for an IPF education programme and is also currently designing an E-Learning package for malnutrition in COPD.

Professional/Public Activity-Terry and her team are all BLF Professionals, we run awareness raising events and fund raising events for the BLF. Terry personally has raised thousands of pounds for the BLF from annual garden parties and a sponsored walk the length of Hadrian’s Wall, an event that took 5 days and resulted in her breaking an ankle (not recommended!).

Terry is currently re-writing/updating the 2nd Edition of Oxford University Press Handbook of Respiratory Nursing which she originally co-wrote and edited some years back. It took 3 years to write originally and terry is hoping that it will take a lot less time to re-write.

Terry is has completed training in SAGE & THYME’ to enhance the effectiveness of her communication skills within the consultation.