3rd July 2019

EU-IPFF sponsoring ILD-IN Mentorship Scheme for 2019

The successful ILD-IN Mentorship scheme is sponsored by EU-IPFF for the second year running, last year we welcomed mentee’s from all over Europe from Ireland to Poland. This year we welcome nurses from Holland, Belgium and Ireland to the summer programme in Birmingham.

This scheme is designed to foster a supportive learning relationship between mentor and mentee through a reflective approach so that clinicians can develop confident and competent skills in managing ILD patients.

We would like to thank the ILD Interdisciplinary community for their participation and support with this scheme.

Also thanks go to EU-IPFF for their continued support, you can read their newsletter release here.

You can read more about the mentorship sheme here, or alternatively if you have any specific questions please contact us onĀ info@ild-inn.org.uk.