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Patient E-mail:
Last Saturday a friend pointed me to an advert in the Daily Mail that Roche had paid for in respect to IPF awareness week and a web site to look at some videos explaining IPF those of our friends who took a look now understand what I have more clearly and appreciate the knowledge.





A patient of mine who has IPF e-mailed me this advert that he had seen in the Daily Mail with the message above. The Website designed for the general public allows people to ‘Listen to an IPF specialist offering information about the disease, how it impacts people living with IPF, and how it can be managed.’

The website has a number of short videos by Tony Mayer Consultant respiratory Physician the Royal Brompton Hospital that you and your patients may find useful.

 I have passed on the request to our local Roche representative along with the suggestion for a printed leaflet that can be given to patients. In the meantime follow the link below. We will also add it to the directory of useful links.


Julie Hocking

Respiratory Nurse Specialist ILD

Cardiff & Vale UHB

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