7th December 2016

Respiratory Health Campaign

As part of Health Awareness Respiratory Health Campaign, we have compiled some useful links where you can find recommended verbiage and ways to follow through social media.

We recently partnered with Mediaplanet UK on the 2016 Respiratory Health Campaign in The Guardian newspaper and online at http://www.healthawareness.co.uk. Read motivating insight from thought leaders, world class athlete and patients, and learn more about the ways you can improve your lung health today.

Learn more about early diagnosis and new innovative treatments from key thought leaders: https://www.facebook.com/MediaplanetUK

We’re supporting @MediaplanetUK on the Respiratory Health Campaign! Read more and tweet at: https://twitter.com/MediaplanetUK

@MediaplanetUK launches the 2016 Respiratory Health campaign to promote good lung health: spotting early signs and symptoms, getting correct support and advice, and taking control of chronic respiratory conditions. Pick up a copy today in The Guardian or view online at healthawareness.co.uk https://www.instagram.com/MediaplanetUK/ #respiratoryawareness #WorldCOPDDay #lunghealth

Exclusive content from key figures advocating for prompt diagnosis of lung disease and better quality of life for those with respiratory conditions can be found via the link below:
https://www.linkedin.com/company/mediaplanet-uk #respiratoryawareness